Tuzla Geothermal Energy Co.

Group company Egenda Ege Energy Production Co. owns 100% shares of Tuzla Geothermal Energy Co.
Located within the borders of Çanakkale-Ayvacık, the first phase of the Tuzla Geothermal Plant has an installed power of 7.5 MWe and an annual energy production value of 51,000,000 kWh. A 40-year production license was acquired in May 2004 and investments are still in progress. The facility entered operational stage in January 2010. Tuzla GPP is a binary cycle geothermal power plant with 2 production (540 m and 565 m) and 2 re-injection (927 m and 871 m) wells. Temperatures at the bottom and top of well are 174 C and 148 C respectively. The current 7.5 MWe design is based on 48 ton/h steam and 693 ton/h of superheated water. Produced energy is sold to the main grid (TETCO) in scope of YEK